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Hallo, I am Chidindu,  the Story Strategist.   

As a content creator, I help individuals and small businesses achieve visibility through the most compelling stories. This is the key to building authority and profits in any field.

A voiceless brand makes no influence!

As a story strategist, I help business to consistently master their messages so that they build customer-centered relationships for brand loyalty.

As a healthcare provider, I have a passion for solving healthcare challenges through constant communication and promotion of content that promotes health lifestyles.

More so, having worked with over nine different teams, I have years of experience as  a writer, editor, public speaker and author.

I am no ordinary writer/storyteller. I am one with a mission to help you remain unforgettable in the hearts of your clients.

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I have had an experience doing freelance writing. As a matter of fact, in the first week of this month, I successfully completed a project of over 18,000 words for a client. How would I have gotten 18,000 words? From my brain or from Balogun market? For writers and content creators who seek to create a clear and concise copy; creating a compelling content is non-negotiable. How will you create a...

Consistency births Clarity

  Yesterday evening, I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Ime Asangansi. He is the Chief Excellence Officer (CEO) of eHealth4Everyone, a healthcare company that uses digital strategy and analytics to solve current challenges in the healthcare industry. We talked about the things we had in common as writers and storytellers; as health professionals seeking to build customer-centered...

How Much Does Your Certificate Owe You?

Until, 2014, my year of internship, I used to think that life was JUST about graduating with a good result from the only indigenous University in Nigeria. For you see, I was a good student of all my teachers. I had stopped lending notes to some course mates, because one returned it after the exam. My project supervisor took pride in reading my work.  After the eighth read, she ‘abandoned’ me in...

20 Facebook Communities To Join, Connect And Grow

  Hey friends! My attention was drawn to the profile of a native doctor [babalawo] who gives charms for happy marriages, exam success, business success, etc. I have gone through his content on Facebook. Believe me! This guy is good with the kind of job he does. ‘Ordinary babalawo!’ Is that what you just said to yourself? Have we not been on Facebook since two-thousand-and-God-knows-when? How...

Social Media Goals for Nigerian Healthcare Providers II

In my last post, I tried to illustrate with a story that depicts the popular reaction of lay Nigerians when healthcare crises are properly communicated without delay. First, Brand Awareness is a key goal. Visibility should be the goal of every health care brand. People and patients will interact with people that they know as professionals who keep to the task of providing information that stands...

Social Media Goals For Nigerian Health Care Providers

I recall one of my Lagos experiences late 2014, when one hero gave her life for the sake of other Nigerians, during the Ebola outbreak; I was in a commercial bus heading back to Ketu from Oshodi when the driver and his bus conductor began to haggle. ‘Oga, enter inside close door na!, Na wetin?’ [Enter the bus and close the door, Is there a problem with that?] Usually, commercial buses in Lagos...

Why Are Most Nigerian Healthcare Providers Rich, Yet Unhappy?

I wrote in my previous post about how Nigerian Healthcare Providers Should begin to build healthy patient-provider relationships. However, I realized that to effectively care for patients and to keep patient safety as the watch word, a provider must also be self-aware. You cannot build a formidable healthcare brand, or craft a compelling brand statement, if you have no idea of who you are. Your...

Story Strategy for Nigerian Healthcare Brands

My love for storytelling started way back from the cradle. growing over the decades and finally delving into the healthcare profession, I have realized that storytelling is one part of humanity that should not be taken for granted. For those who have mastered this art, they know that nothing moves humanity more than genuine stories. These narratives bear a call-to-action that persuades the target...


  I was born and bred in Aba, the engine room of the entire world’s hustle. She is the cocoon from which all species of butterflies are born. I cannot compare her to Lagos or Onitsha. She is a unique place known for her ‘Aba-Made’ goods and services; better than some of these imported, yet low quality goods that most Nigerians are crazy about. Aba has all the challenges of bad roads, poor...

8 Elements of A Good Social Media Profile

  One of the most embarrassing moments of my life was at Zik’s Flat Hostel in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I was a fresher who had troubles keeping up with life on campus. I was bad with time management, since I had no one to monitor me. The environment was entirely different from where I had come from- a military boarding school. I had finally gotten the freedom I needed, so I cared...

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