30 Day Productivity Challenge


for those who want to live their vision by ruthlessly executing their Writing projects…



I had the opportunity to SPEAK TO a few writers, some week before the end of 2017; where I shared a few business ideas I had with writers and/or entrepreneurs seeking to make the best of 2018…

…I also had the privilege SPEAK WITH a few people after the event. What I observed was not different from my previous experiences with a few people.  As usual, I found:

-Writers who WANTED to write books
-Writers who WANTED to tell meaningful stories
-Entrepreneurs and Writers who WANTED to create content that aligns with their business goals
-Writers who WANTED to…(put in your aspirations if you fall into this category)
-Owners of startups and small businesses who UNDERPLAYED the power of words in the sales process (I mean, how can you sell without saying something?)

The much I tell these people makes no difference…if they do not do as they have been instructed.

As a matter of fact, one kept on taking notes and till now I have not received feedback from such one.

This is a year for those who want to live intentionally. No amount of motivation will work wonders if you do not get down to do the job.

I can take you to the restroom, yet I cannot micturate for you!

However, I can show you how to…micturate.

In 2018, I want to help at least 100 people (writers, intending writers and entrepreneurs individuals) achieve their goals, complete their writing projects or build visibility for their businesses through powerful content.

On the 1st of February 2018, I will be opening an INNER CIRCLE for these 30 individuals who are tired of ‘WANTED TO’ and are interested in ‘SLAYING GOALS FOR A LIVING.’

For 30 days, these 30 people will

1. Get 30 minutes of consultations
2. See how to execute/write their ideas in 30 days or less (for a non-lazy soul)
3. Receive 30 days follow-up. We have to commit to this. We cannot delay our destinies THIS YEAR)
4. Undergo the (business) storytelling challenge; receive critique that will help them get better
5. Receive help in choosing their adventure
6. Receive idea alerts on how to accomplish their mission
7. Write no less than 500 words daily on topics and themes related to their writing projects
8. Learn to develop a writing habit using 15 tricks I am going to show them
9. Learn the skills needed to start write and finish write
10. Slay goals for a living using the simple techniques I am going to show them.
11. Get their manuscripts ready for an editor
12. Receive rewards for accomplishing their tasks

This is a serious matter o! Unaccomplished goals will require a fine! How can you deny people the opportunity to learn from your narratives? It is unfair to humanity! *keeps serious face*

Challenge begins on the 1st of February, 2018 with a commitment fee of 10,000NGN.
Registrations made from now until 11:59 pm on 17th January, 2017 comes with a 50% discount


Price reverts to 10,000NGN on 18th January 2017 at 12:00 am

You can also make direct deposits to:

Bank: Fidelity Bank
Account Name: The Story Strategist Services
Account Number: 4011228102

You’d be redirected from the payment portal into the ProChallenge Inner Circle as soon as you have made payments.

For queries and comments, please feel free to contact me