I was born and bred in Aba, the engine room of the entire world’s hustle. She is the cocoon from which all species of butterflies are born. I cannot compare her to Lagos or Onitsha. She is a unique place known for her ‘Aba-Made’ goods and services; better than some of these imported, yet low quality goods that most Nigerians are crazy about.

Aba has all the challenges of bad roads, poor urban planning, poor electricity and unnecessary taxation of traders and craftsmen. In fact, name them all as they come to your mind; She needs a MAD (Made Absolutely Different) administration to bring back the glory that it once had.

I am glad that there is an ongoing revolution for made-in-Aba goods. I have seen videos on Facebook. I have also red people’s positive reactions on the need to be crazy about what we have. This is the voice that Aba (as well as so many other silent business cities) need to reach more customers beyond the shores of Africa.

Businesses thrive these days because of the edge that social media provides. As a matter of fact, even if businesses were located in hidden areas, their eagerness to be heard on the media would make them survive, to meet the economic needs of this nation. In as much as physical geographics is key for most businesses, the 21st century business must look beyond aiming for local championship with terms like ‘He is will known in our area’. We should aim for meeting the needs beyond our physical location, through social media impact.

The key question becomes: How will you make an impact with a voiceless business?

Why do some Nigerian business owners shy away from using the right content and the proper social media strategy to connect with their ideal audiences?

Do not also be deceived, there is so much ‘media noise’ these days. Everyone is saying something, but few are doing something. Why not talk about what you do and let people learn from you?

How about telling people how they can get to do something better? This is also building content around your business and creating an impact that makes you come to them as a first impression each time they need to purchase a product in your line of industry.

Do not run a voiceless business. Consumer behaviours are changing, this means that the shoemaker of Bakassi line in Ariaria international market can reach out to a fashion store in Abuja, Cotonou or Accra; Italy, America, London and all the ends of the earth.

The advents of social media platforms and the essentials of quality content have made all these things possible. You cannot own a business and shut up about it, except it is a glorified hobby. Businesses with no social presence or content may suffer more from this recession

As a story strategist, my job is to help small businesses (especially those centered on healthcare and lifestyle) master their messages and connect with their ideal audiences (who will buy from them) through day-to-day social media approaches.

Do not just get your head buried in the job; tell the world where you have been, what you have done and what you intend to do to make it better; and to enrich the lives of those who need your services.


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