I am Chidindu, founder of Story Strategist Services, a business born out of a desire to help people connect effortlessly and clearly, to the minds of their ideal clients. Working in different teams, have gained me several years of experience in creative writing, editing and public speaking.  I have held three successful group classes on storytelling with over two hundred students.

As a healthcare professional, I realize that facts and figures in medical diagnoses are better understood if stories accompany the explanations. Also, patients who understand certain medical procedures or investigations usually repeat their visits to the healthcare facility/provider. Such patients are willing to open up if you speak and understand their language. Customer satisfaction surveys, morbidity and mortality meetings, quality assurance meetings have stories (on clients’ joys and pains) that were worth retelling for the purpose of effective healthcare delivery. Hence, there is an imaginary line between storytelling and (healthcare) brand growth.



As a creative writer, I breathe words that inspire, educate, entertain and are memorable. I believe that stories shape and persuade people. In fact, the smallest part of that which exists within or beyond the universe is a story.

As a story strategist, I help individuals and small businesses achieve visibility  for influence and profits. I help them convey their messages in the way that inspires their audience towards transformation. I realize that most small businesses do not get the attention they need because they receive the wrong feedback from the wrong signals.  I give businesses the voice that they need to engage their market through social storytelling.

If you send the right signal, you will get the right feedback.

What do you need to get their attention?

You do not need to give them a statistical analysis of the problems your product solves. All you need is a clear, concise and compelling content. Sell it with a story, not with facts. You have got to put the right words out there to attract your ideal audiences. I will help you weave your business stories.

After all, people buy what they can understand after constant awareness

Welcome on to my campfire! Begin here to make lasting impressions.