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Consistency births Clarity

  Yesterday evening, I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Ime Asangansi. He is the Chief Excellence Officer (CEO) of eHealth4Everyone, a healthcare company that uses digital strategy and analytics to solve current challenges in the healthcare industry. We talked about the things we had in common as writers and storytellers; as health professionals seeking to build customer-centered...

Social Media Goals For Nigerian Health Care Providers

I recall one of my Lagos experiences late 2014, when one hero gave her life for the sake of other Nigerians, during the Ebola outbreak; I was in a commercial bus heading back to Ketu from Oshodi when the driver and his bus conductor began to haggle. ‘Oga, enter inside close door na!, Na wetin?’ [Enter the bus and close the door, Is there a problem with that?] Usually, commercial buses in Lagos...

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