20 Facebook Communities To Join, Connect And Grow

  Hey friends! My attention was drawn to the profile of a native doctor [babalawo] who gives charms for happy marriages, exam success, business success, etc. I have gone through his content on Facebook. Believe me! This guy is good with the kind of job he does. ‘Ordinary babalawo!’ Is that what you just said to yourself? Have we not been on Facebook since two-thousand-and-God-knows-when? How...

Social Media Goals for Nigerian Healthcare Providers II

In my last post, I tried to illustrate with a story that depicts the popular reaction of lay Nigerians when healthcare crises are properly communicated without delay. First, Brand Awareness is a key goal. Visibility should be the goal of every health care brand. People and patients will interact with people that they know as professionals who keep to the task of providing information that stands...

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