20 Facebook Communities To Join, Connect And Grow


20 Facebook Communities to Join, Connect and Learn

Hey friends!

My attention was drawn to the profile of a native doctor [babalawo] who gives charms for happy marriages, exam success, business success, etc. I have gone through his content on Facebook. Believe me! This guy is good with the kind of job he does.

‘Ordinary babalawo!’

Is that what you just said to yourself?

Have we not been on Facebook since two-thousand-and-God-knows-when? How many years now? What have you achieved with your data? Did the network service providers give you special scholarship for buying 10Gb fortnightly?

Friends, here are a list of Facebook communities that you should seek to join, participate, learn and grow.

Please, do not go there to begin network marketing promo and Ponzi o! The admin will block you. You may be unblocked the day he hands over the administrator-ship to his grandson.



This  is a business community for entrepreneurs and leaders. This comes as first because, I learnt almost everything I needed from this community. The vision of the founder, John Obidi, is for serious people to connect learn and grow.  Every Thursday, we take lectures from business lecturers within and outside Nigeria. Come with a pen and a large notebook; you will need those. Join the group here 


You have tried to let people hear about what you do. You create a post and tag 10,000people to it. It did not work. So you decide to make the 10,000 of them your page admin. Sister, did it work? Mbanu [No]! It did not.  Biko [Please], go and join OVH so that you can learn how to build visibility for influence and profits. Joy Eneghalu, the founder, will help you. I like her patience and her ability to listen and give solutions.

  1. MBT

Mastering The Business of Your Talent, is a PAID group, owned by Steve Harris. Why is it Paid? Because a human being spends his time watching over you to make sure you are bringing results each day into your life. What if I do not have money? Please contact Steve Harris


The story is in the name. Emeka Nobis, is the founder. The platform gives writers the opportunity to hone their writing crafts. We have weekly giveaways through creativity contests.


Alright, so you are a content creator who creates spoken word content: like podcasts. Dayo Samuel, the founder, has a step by step guide for helping you start your own podcast from the corner of your toilet or kitchen. He even has a free course on that.  I was able to create my first oral story which I published on SoundCloud after taking his course.


I read a lot of post about women ‘yabbing’ other women for being full time housewives. One woman, who doubles as housewife and lawyer, is helping other women and full time housewives make millions of money. Listen, if you are a full time housewife with or without a home business, you need to be here. I have met Temi Ashabi Ajibewa severally, her passion to achieve is like no other.


Igbinoba Esohe comes with all the skills in digital and trans media storytelling. Allow her to fall on you today. Visit and do a brand audit for yourself today.


Children of God, you can be a lawyer earning 30k and you can also be a lawyer earning 300k weekly. The difference is in this group and in having a good time with Victor Bassey.  


Brother, how long have you been in that line of industry? Can you mentor other businesses in that area to do better. ‘I never coach before!’ ‘I nor sabi…!’ is not when you come to Deji Sobanjo’s group.


In 2014, one woman came to the hospital at noon, she couldn’t walk because of her weight. She died in the evening. Earlier she’d told me one thing whilst I carried out the phlebotomy procedure: she thought she would ‘reduce’ because she had been taking weight loss medicines.
Nwanne [Brother/Sister], if you are in this category, go and join TMP. The founder, Remi Owadokun, used to be a heavy mama, she didn’t use any melecin’[medicine] to achieve her current stature. Her natural weight loss journey made her enroll to become a certified weight-loss coach.


So you have been kposala [arranging] your market in the shopu [shop]; behti   [but] people are not buying it. Imagine! Even though your shop is located at a strategic place in Lagos Island! Chai! God knows your hustle! See, before August turns to December and you cannot pay rent for next year, kindly run to Padebi Ojomo here.  The good thing about working with her is that your shop now, used to be like her shop then. The wisdom is in allowing her to tell you what to do.


This is what you have been doing every Dec 31st, when the priest says you should make a new year resolution

2014: One day I will write a book.
2015: I am going to write a book soon
2016: When I write my book eh!
2017: This book will be powerful.

Powerful! Book that is still in your mind? It had better not become a bomb explosion o! Edirin Edewor, is here for you. Get in here and learn how to make and sell the Ebook, before God will  pass on the idea to someone who does not know how to even speak English.


For those looking for Freelance writing opportunities or to contribute or participate in writing contests, Damilola Jonathan Oladeji, is there to keep you up to date.


You have been taking and no one is listening! Maybe you are not speaking their language that your audience can understand. Get in there and hear what Phinnah Chichi Ikeji has to tell you.


Your idea is not nonsense until you work with a team where it is proven feasible. Don’t come and ask me, ask Chinonso Ogbogu. 


I have been talking about the good use of social media by health care professionals to keep lay Nigerians informed. Dr. ‘Malik Haruna King is the trailblazer for this movement. Please, before you get scammed with Staphylococcus disease, get in there and save your life.


Ehen! What did you people say that day? That we should run away from marriage coaches. You too, throw away all the 1000 Naira notes in the bundle because one of it is ‘tear tear’. With over 30 years of marital experience and years of expertise as a Christian marriage counselor, Madam Modupe Ehirim knows her onions. By the help of God she has a community for serious-minded people who are interested in making this institution work.


To get groomed as a leader for the 2025 Nigerian dream, Sir Fela Durotoye has a forum. Nor vex o [Do not be offended]! We are not doing patisan politics:  APC and PDP, Biafra and Boko there o! Uche gi dikwa ya [Keep this in view]! He is raising whole men and women who will be capable to take over this land that God gave us.

  1. My Group ke? Join anyone of these. Choose the one that suits you. But, I want to see us having meaningful conversations on our timelines. Please run away from MTN, Glo and Opera Mini Cheat groups???

Happy Midweek friends,
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Social Media Goals for Nigerian Healthcare Providers II

In my last post, I tried to illustrate with a story that depicts the popular reaction of lay Nigerians when healthcare crises are properly communicated without delay.
First, Brand Awareness is a key goal. Visibility should be the goal of every health care brand. People and patients will interact with people that they know as professionals who keep to the task of providing information that stands them out from quacks and
wanna-be’s. Every health care business must seek to achieve this. Clients will always take a second look at the face of your brand because it is familiar. Just as one would see another and ask: ‘Hey! Seems like we’ve met before. Have we not?’

The second is to engage your ideal audience. Have you ever wondered why posts about entertainment and fashion tend to trend more on social platforms?  You are right to say it is because we love them. Is health not part of lifestyle?  Are there really people who do not love life to the extent that they do not pay attention to their health? Why do health issues not attract as many shares and regrans and retweets?

The answer is simple: lay people do not feel engaged with medical jargons and statistics. As a matter of fact, graphs and charts and mathematical calculations will not even help a mathematician engage more with the information you are trying to pass. A story does the magic. To build influence as a health care brand, we must continue to speak in a language that lay [people can understand. Scary languages like hemoglobinopathies, enterogastritis and oligospermia must be broken down. Otherwise, you do not help anybody by that. The friends on your timeline, will jump and pass.

Once I made a Facebook post on why men should avoid certain unhealthy habits that affect their reproductive system. I knew my target audience.  The medical professionals in my friends’ list will understand the jargons, but I wanted to pass new knowledge that ordinary men can understand. I am still surprised at the number of people who got engaged with that post

Engagement is a way to show that people are interested in whatever information you have to pass across. They express their reactions using the like, reply or share buttons. Some, for the sake of confidentiality, will come to your inbox to find out more. This will lead to the next goal.

The third is to generate leads.  What is the essence of attracting and engaging, if you are not going to connect with potential customers? In the business of health care, there are two kinds of leads: a customer who will buy from you or a follower who is loyal to the offerings of your brand. Remember that after visibility comes the rest of the goals, especially lead generation. Human beings can only get involved in the things that they can understand. If they have known, liked and trusted your brand they would also get interested in the things that you have to offer. They will be faithful followers if they see the influence (benefits)  your product/service will make in their lives.

As a health care provider, your leads are not just patients. Other clients you should seek to attract are partners, volunteers, sponsors, stakeholders and other professionals who show interest or support for your cause. Believe me, collaboration is the new competition. Since a lead is a potential customer, we seek to convert them into loyal customers.


Loyal customers?

Hold on! I do not mean that your clients should fall sick every day. Though it is proper to note that people do not just seek health care as a means to repair or cure an ailment; they also seek preventive health care maintenance.  Just like our (medical) devices, human beings also need preventive maintenance. Converting leads to loyal customers is the final goal. This is the peak reached after all the previous processes have been achieved. People will always consult or refer to a provider who reduces the pains of clients or offers them increased options of fulfilling pleasures that are unharmful to their state of well being.

Always remember that conversion comes after attraction. Lots of people, make the mistake of doing otherwise. The general rule for successful sales (of products, services or ideas) is 80% attraction and 20% sales. If you appear too salesy, people will think you are desperate. They will abandon you and run away.  First show them why you should be the authority that ought to be consulted, then ask them to consult you.

If a healthcare provider keeps this goal at the back of his mind, he will learn to create content or stories that speak to the minds of his ideal followers on social media. All these goals are obtainable in the healthcare business niche from leading online campaigns and offline outreaches, through communicating crises, giving information on prevention, care and treatment of certain diseases, to celebrating international health days. Social media helps the health care industry to achieve all these.