Consistency births Clarity


Yesterday evening, I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Ime Asangansi. He is the Chief Excellence Officer (CEO) of eHealth4Everyone, a healthcare company that uses digital strategy and analytics to solve current challenges in the healthcare industry.

We talked about the things we had in common as writers and storytellers; as health professionals seeking to build customer-centered relationships… As I made for home yesternight, I was left to ponder on a lot of things: the aftermath of these discussions.

Whilst some of us healthcare providers have our eyes solely on dragging, shifting, claiming, maintaining professional boundaries and crowning ourselves kings of the jungle; people like Dr. Ime are busy carving and owning niches, dominating the markets by weaving their talents, gifts and experiences into unique businesses that solve day-to-day problems.

Two things stood out for me, that one does not know where one is heading to until one eventually starts. Again, that the worst part of the writing battle is usually the first paragraph; once you begin, the ideas come flowing towards you like the river.
Last year, I took my writing seriously. I did not know where I was heading to. Today, I have one parking lot in the line of Brand Storytelling/Content Marketing Strategy/Social Media Strategy. Call it whatever you want, but they all have the same aim: to tell stories that will persuade people take action. All I can say is that consistency paves way for clarity.

So when you begin with the end in mind today, do not try to build the house all at once. One brick today, one brick the next day… Voila! We have a house!

Own Your Hustle.

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