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Hallo, I am Chidindu,  the Story Strategist.   

As a content creator, I help individuals and small businesses achieve visibility through the most compelling stories. This is the key to building authority and profits in any field.

A voiceless brand makes no influence!

As a story strategist, I help business to consistently master their messages so that they build customer-centered relationships for brand loyalty.

As a healthcare provider, I have a passion for solving healthcare challenges through constant communication and promotion of content that promotes health lifestyles.

More so, having worked with over nine different teams, I have years of experience as  a writer, editor, public speaker and author.

I am no ordinary writer/storyteller. I am one with a mission to help you remain unforgettable in the hearts of your clients.

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Three Keys For Building A Profitable Business

About two years ago, I delved into making Ankara customised fashion accessories. In fact, I fell so much in love with what my craft, I thought that others would love it too. They loved it. People admired accessories and souvenirs adorned with the contemporary African fabric. Guess what? My bubbles were burst when no one bought from me. Why? I could not understand at that moment. People said that...

A Note to Men

‘You know sey you nor dey quick last long for bed, Oga? Buy this one! Drink am for three days, you go normal!’ A man announces in the bus as I move down to take a seat. The bus is on its way to Oshodi from Second Rainbow. ‘Listen, Oga! If shame dey catch you to buy here, you fit call my phone number. My number na 080…’ The man continues. He deals in traditional herbs...

Church Prostitute

I used to be a Catholic. I went to Mass and Confessions regularly. I knew all the stuff in the Bible, traditions and magisterium… Yet, I got bored in church. Mass got too long. Church politics nko? The CWO president used Juju to get a position in the church. Some Catholic priests are paedophiles. If a Catholic woman marries a non-Catholic, her parents, who are Grand Knights of Saint...

What Does Your Middleman Say To Your Potential Suitors?

I was in a tricycle heading to 5th Avenue from Second Rainbow, when one ‘China’ phone rang. The owner had left it deep down the left pocket of his trousers. It continued to ring until he was able to bring it out.   Some men’s trousers can be deeper than the bottomless pit. What about his phone? If some of these morticians used it, they would be saved from the stress of the...

Why You Lose Potential Suitors

In the story strategy, the customer is the hero of the brand story. This can never be over-emphasised. It implies that business owners are mentors in the client’s  journey towards victory. Hence, business is the marriage of business owners with potential or ideal customers. Ideal customers are called ‘suitors’ in this case. Businesses, ideally, should seek to grow through...

The Write Direction

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I believe that everyone can express themselves through powerful stories. If one becomes consistent in one’s own little pieces, one grows over time. I am my own example. The second edition of THE WRITE DIRECTION holds next month. TWD is an online class that seeks to raise serious writers who want to step up their game in story crafting for the...

Change Births Continuity

I once worked with a man, Ogbeche Ochagu. He was the Officer-In-Charge (another name for Head of Department in non-military settings) of the Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital Laboratory in Lagos. Then, I found it wierd as an intern to do rotations in Quality Assurance Department. What does that have to do with the core specialties of Medical Laboratory Sciences? Was it part of our curriculum? Why...

Nonsense ad Ingredients

    Everyone on the face of this planet has a struggle: a struggle to become… But does the society and her standards really allow us to breathe in the kind of atmosphere we create for ourselves? Is this not worse for women? Nonsense and Ingredients is a collection of thoughts and stories that do not just challenge the negative views the society has of women but also highlight the...

Healthcare Storytelling

I double as a writer and medical laboratory scientist. This makes me see the field of medicine differently. Whilst most people think that science is different from (or superior to) arts, I believe that art is the voice that connects science to what humans easily relate to. NYSC days opened my eyes to the world of volunteerism. Being in the corp medical team and delivering health talks as an...

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