Story Strategy for Nigerian Healthcare Brands

My love for storytelling started way back from the cradle. growing over the decades and finally delving into the healthcare profession, I have realized that storytelling is one part of humanity that should not be taken for granted.

For those who have mastered this art, they know that nothing moves humanity more than genuine stories. These narratives bear a call-to-action that persuades the target audiences into changing the directions of their lives, from the point of crisis to victory.

Nigerian healthcare providers and Nigerian healthcare brands all need to learn this if they have in mind to build good and healthy Patient-Provider Relationships. A formidable healthcare sector should move beyond building unhealthy professional boundaries or threatening laymen with medical jargon. A good healthcare system can only be built when patient safety and client-centered relationships are the core goals of healthcare providers.

Nothing is as human as paying attention to the customers’ narratives. The relationships Nigerian healthcare providers build should go beyond being mere transaction-based relationships to helping patients truly ease the pains they undergo.

The business of healthcare is a very serious and unselfish one. Yes, we do not have shops in Ogbete market because we ought to be abide by the ethical guidelines! Providers should remember, therefore that we are like gods in the eyes of men: the human powers to kill and make live lie in our hands as licensed professional.

Nigerian Healthcare brands and providers must seek the live the goals of their brand stories. It is not enough to run all the ads on print and broadcast media. It is about time we become the mentor to our protagonists (patients) who are the heroes of every brand story.


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