The Write Direction: For Idea, Startups and Small Business Owners

As hard as starting a small business is, the worst challenge is getting heard in a crowded ‘market place’.


It is like the shop owner in Ariaria Market calling out to every creature that passes by, only to be greeted by a snobbish wave of the hand.

But, hey! The Ogiri woman has been selling since morning! She’d just opened up the second basket of the seasoning when mid-day is yet to approach.

You wonder! You ponder! She continues to make sales.

You know, money cometh not to those who pondereth and wondereth!

This may not be your own case, but you fall into one these categories:

  • You have a side hustle and no one knows about it
  • You run a startup, but cannot find ways to connect with your customers
  • You are always seeking out people to help you write adverts, content or posts for your business
  • You run a small business but you seem to be talking to the wrong people.
  • You have a beautiful idea, but you do not know how to present it to the world.
  • You have wasted so much time, money and energy trying to convince them to buy




Your case is different…just like mine was.

Sometime in 2015, I was into all sorts of businesses. I sold hand crafts, went into network marketing, worked in a hospital, sew clothes…then got frustrated.


This was not about the businesses being bad for me or not ‘being my thing’. It was about my attitude- my message was not strong enough. I did not know my message. How can you own what you don’t know?


My weak message, translated into weak actions and then, no sales.


I struggled and struggled, but it did not get better. I had my attention focused on too many things that I refused to pay attention on my strength: the art of storytelling.


When I took my writing seriously in October 2016, I did not know where I was heading to with these stories. I wrote like I needed to tell every secret. It did not make much sense to me, until doors started opening.

I tell you I have made more money and impact from writing (ghost writing especially) than from handcrafts and network marketing put together.



If I were to get back to network marketing, for instance, I know the nitty-gritties to landing more clients and closing deals.


I learnt three big lessons:

-If you do not master, own and believe your own message/words; no one else will believe you.

-A voiceless business makes no influence.

-Even if I sold life and oxygen, not everyone will buy it from me



So why are you here?
Why am I sharing all these with you?

First, I want to die empty. That is the essence of my being. For what shall it profit a man, if he knows all the good things and refuses to share them.

Second, my case is no longer different. My case is divine!

My name is Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli: a healthcare provider, content and [brand] story strategist. My passion is to help individuals and businesses create the most compelling content that connects them with their ideal audiences. I am a firm believer that a business that seeks to make influence and profits must be V-I-S-I-B-L-E.

From the 13th to the 22nd of November, 2017, I will be opening up certain content marketing (writing) secrets to you for your business idea, startup or small business. There is so much to learn at a price so affordable. This course is an answer to the prayer for people looking to make more money by connecting with the customers.


By the end of this 10 day Class you would have mastered how to:


  • Effortlessly connect and engage with people on what you do
  • Build a list of loyal followers who will buy from you.
  • Write compelling copies for your blogs, social media, ebooks and email campaigns
  • Make your first sale [of your product/service] in 30 days or less
  • Effectively communicate with clients, supporters, colleagues and stakeholders
  • Collaborate and build networks of people who are important for your business growth.


I will be showing you the things that I did, from personal experience [over a decade experience serving over nine (9) teams as a writer, editor, secretary and PR]. So you don’t have to bother about making the mistakes. You too will learn from my mistakes to get it right without delay.


Early Bird registrations, from October 26th to 4th of November, costs 5,500NGN.
Late Registrations, from 5th to 11th November, costs 8,500NGN



The Write Direction for Ideas, Startups and Small business Owners is a 20 module package that sets you apart from every other business owner. It will give you practical and proven principles to building your online authority, in your niche; and give you room to make more impact and build profits.

5,500NGN for Early Bird Registrations made between 26th October to 4th November 2017

8,500NGN for Late Registrations made from 5th to 11th November 2017.

After payments, kindly text TDWFISSBO Name, email and Phone Number to +2349055222238 or to to receive your course outline.


You’d be added to the class on Telegram. This platform is the most suitable as it affords everyone in the group to follow up or do a recap even if they appeared late for the class.


I cannot wait to see you in class.