Why Are Most Nigerian Healthcare Providers Rich, Yet Unhappy?

I wrote in my previous post about how Nigerian Healthcare Providers Should begin to build healthy patient-provider relationships.

However, I realized that to effectively care for patients and to keep patient safety as the watch word, a provider must also be self-aware. You cannot build a formidable healthcare brand, or craft a compelling brand statement, if you have no idea of who you are. Your backstory is what propels you to mentor patients from the point they first encounter you, to their points of discharge from your facility.

Why are most Nigerian Healthcare Providers rich and yet unhappy?

Being rich and unhappy implies that you are actually dissatisfied, irritated about certain situations, but you have got to stay for the money. No wonder, the recent news on my Facebook timeline continues to rain insults on us for being money conscious. Now there are so many factors that contribute to this, but we will deal with the internal factors.

An ‘unhappily rich’ (Nigerian) healthcare provider is one without personal core values. Now, this sounds like too much grammar; just read on. If personally, I define my core values to be family, community, influence or wealth building. It means that these are the things that are most important to me. It also implies that in all my pursuits, I have to keep these in view.

So, if I finally land a job with a jaw-dropping salary, where I have no time for family, no time or resource to give back back to the society, or mentally stressed to influence healthy lifestyles among my target audience; then conflicts begin to set in. These conflicts will show up in my work, in my family, in my community and those who believe in me. So it is possible to find a family of unhappy healthcare professionals who earn monies that can build an estate in a day.

How can we find happiness? Know who you are and what your passions and weaknesses are. Define your core values. Connect with people who share the same or similar values. Look for organizations that uphold such values and will give you room to ‘ruthlessly’ apply your creativity and values towards building wealth for such an organization.

I want to see professionals who are not just happy with what they do and how much they give; but also happy with how well they dedicate their time to help patients because their environment fosters their values and creates a balance for them.


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